Large Outdoor and Waterproof Window LED Open Signs

Nowadays almost every industry, retail store, strip mall or even small business use LED open signs to get recognized easily. Especially the Large LED open signs to help people recognize the store even from a distance. People get so much accustomed to such open signs that if there is none hanging outside the store, people begin to notice it. Vibrant colors of outdoor LED open signs are what attract people towards such signage. We feel proud to offer you the premium quality, durable acrylic open LED signs that too at a pocket-friendly price.

1. Our handmade LED Factory 13”x32” acrylic signs use high-efficiency diodes which are visible up to the distance of about 150ft.

2. The waterproof LED open signs will also reduce energy consumption (up to 80%) when compared to neon colored LED.

3. The open sign LEDs we offer are durable enough to last a decade.

4. Our environmentally friendly large window LED open signs are not made with toxic gases like mercury or argon.

5. We offer you three different illumination modes (static, wave chasing and border chasing)

6. A 12V DC power supply and chain to hang the LED sign will also be included in the box.